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Throwback Sports was born out of a lifelong love of football, and a series of disappointing seasons. Supporting my team has been a rollercoaster over the last few years, so I’ve found that pouring my passion into the shirts themselves has been a much more productive and reliable activity. After customising my own Ronaldo Sporting 2002-03 Away shirt back in 2017, I found that a lot of my friends wanted the same, and decided to start a business doing what I love.


Our mission is to make pre-loved and much-worn shirts feel brand new, and to keep their legacies going. We love the idea that wearing one of our shirts is like wearing a piece of history, and that it’s just an updated take on a superhero outfit: there’s no difference between a kid wearing a Batman shirt and a football fan wearing a Neymar one. 


We are based in Cascais, near Lisbon, but our audience is truly global and we are happy to have customers from all over the world. Whether you have a vintage shirt that needs repair, you’re looking for a bespoke name set, or want something completely customised - get in touch!

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